Gather, Connect, Serve

Want to know how to grow spiritually at The Journey? It's simple: Gather, Connect, Serve.

Gather encompasses everything that happens at The Journey on the weekend. It’s the catalyst that leads to spiritual growth for us regardless of where we are on our journey. If you’re new to the whole church thing, you can join us on any weekend throughout the year and hear the life-giving message of Jesus in terms you can understand and relate to. If you’re a believer, you’ll grow spiritually. That’s because the passion behind Gather is to help people experience God and become followers of Jesus. It’s a simple yet powerful focus, and it’s changing lives.

  • Participate in a weekend gathering.

  • Stick Around. (Hang out after a gathering in our Journey Café for a cup of coffee and conversation.)  

Connect involves everything that happens at The Journey throughout the week. It’s the relational link that fosters spiritual growth for us, whether we’re taking our first steps toward faith or moving to another level. From the moment we begin doing life at The Journey, connecting helps us pursue friendship with others and a lasting relationship with God... because following Jesus is a team sport.

Serve represents everything that happens at The Journey behind the scenes. It’s discovering our gifts and offering them fully to God through serving on the J-Team. It’s giving our first and our best back to God. It’s realizing that following Jesus isn’t a spectator sport. We believe that what makes a church great is a whole lot of people like us rolling up our sleeves and sharing our gifts and resources with others.

  • Find your purpose at Discover.

  • Find your part on the J-Team at FIT

  • Give your first.