Journey Kidz

Journey Kidz exists to create fun environments and experiences through which children come to know God, love God, and live like he says. Journey Kidz children enter a safe, hands-on world filled with energy, laughter, and spiritual growth every weekend – while parents experience God in our gatherings. It's real church for real kidz! 

(0-24 months) 

Place your baby in the care of dedicated J-Teamers and relax...we'll make sure they have fun and stay safe.

  • Bring any comfort items (pacifiers, blankets, diapers, etc.) and label everything with child’s name. 
  • Notify the J-Teamer of any specific needs or concerns for your child. 
(2-4 years)

Your toddler is learning to explore the world around them, and Journey Totz will help them take their first few steps of faith.

  • Our totz are served a snack. (Please note: We are a peanut-free environment.)
  • Please send any diapers or other necessary items and label everything with child’s name. 
 Juniorz (Pre-K – 1st grade) &
 Big Kidz (2nd – 5th grade) 

Every week, kids form friendships, grow closer to God, and learn to serve others in Journey Kidz. The experiences are visually engaging, creative, and interactive. It's the best hour of your child's week!

  • Your child receives a take-home devotional every week so you can read what they're learning about and practice your child’s memory verse with them. 
  • Our Juniorz and Big Kidz experience worship and a lesson together, and then separate to complete age-appropriate follow-up activities. 
Special Needz

During the 6:00 p.m. gathering on Saturday and the noon gathering on Sunday, we provide an environment designed specifically for your child with special needs. This opportunity is available for anyone with special needs up to age 18. When you check your child into our Special Needz program, you’ll be asked to fill out a comprehensive information form about your child so we can provide the most appropriate level of assistance for him or her.

Questions about Journey Kidz? Check out our Journey Kidz FAQ page