Now you should finish what you started...   2 Corinthians 8:11

What will your family look like? What new friends will you have? What old friends will you be closer with? Will you have that promotion you’ve been working toward? Will you be healthy physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially?  Unfortunately, we can’t see the future with perfect clarity.  But God can: He has 20/20 vision for your future, and I believe he has 20/20 vision for our church’s future. He sees us growing, reaching our area and touching our world.  Over the next three years, I believe God has big plans for our church. I believe he’s going to help us reach thousands of people with the life-giving message of Jesus through our weekend gatherings. I believe he’s going to help us connect people in real friendships. I believe he’s going to help us equip and empower people to use their gifts to serve inside and outside of our walls. I believe his plans are far bigger than we could ever imagine.  I believe it’s time to embark on a journey called 20/20. It’s time to finish what we started and complete our campus expansion.  And then it’s time to look beyond our building — to launch additional campuses, to pursue new local and global outreach opportunities, to create more and more ways for people to find Jesus and follow him fully. It’s time to pray boldly. It’s time to give generously.

It’s time for 20/20.



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